V1 vs SC

Who's driving, colliculus or cortex?

Heraclitus by Abraham Janssens

The problem of non-stationarity

Temporal Barcodes

Temporal Barcodes
Classifying neurons by spike timing patterns

Wage Labor Law

Rat Neuro-economics
Wage labor laws explain when rats work for water

N Hacking

Scientific decision-making
Is N-hacking ever OK?


Training Rats without Water Restriction
A Method Based on Rats' Dislike of Sourness


Rat Blindsight
Visual behavior that bypasses visual cortex


Human vs Rat Decision Making
Diffusion-to-Bound Models Revisited


Vocal-Vagal Hypothesis
Encoding of autonomic states in vocal acoustics

decisio making

Speed Accuracy Trade Off in Rats
Interactions between stimulus strength, speed and accuracy.

Mouse Behavior

Visual Behavior in Mice
Orientation Discrimination by Freely Behaving Mice


LGN Tuning
Spatial and Temporal Tuning in Awake LGN


Flanker Effects in Rats vs. Humans
Differences in processing collinear contours


Collinear Flankers and Pattern Vision
Behavioral evidence of pattern vision in rats

Object Discrim

Perirhinal Cortex and Object Discrimination
Ambiguous visual discrimination after perirhinal lesion

visual system anatomy

Retinal Projections to Rat LGN
Evidence for dLGN substructure in pigmented rats

rodent psychophysics

Visual Behavior in Rodents (Tasks)
Paradigm for quantitative visual behavior in rodents

Rat LGN Physiology

Visual Response Properties of Rat LGN
Frequency and contrast tuning of rat LGN neurons


Bursts Without Anesthesia
State variation and bursts in the unanesthetized rat LGN

sensitivity curves

Contrast Adaptation and Neural Coding
Neurophysiology and modeling of contrast adaptation in LGN

LGN bursts

Bursting in the LGN
Evidence for role of thalamic bursting in visual code